Our Story

Our story is one of two families who wanted to work with the richness of our soil to empower others by creating jobs in our community. But, we wanted products that could work beyond just putting food on a few tables. We needed something that could help to comfort the troubled body ánd mind of us and our fellow humans, made us all feel loved and remind us of the true healing power of nature.

Thus, in 2014 we planted our first Rosemary and Lavender plants with the view of distilling our own oils and producing quality byproducts to fullfil our dream. Today we are fortunate to be able to bring our clients our promise of pure, handcrafted products straight from Mother Earth.

We are still a very small concern as we had to learn that Nature doesn’t bend her knee to anyone. We had to learn humility, patience and gratitude in order to reconnect with her and work with her. Today we can proudly say that we are propagating our own rosemary and lavendin, planting, deweeding, harvesting, distilling and making true-to-earth products without any chemicals but the lye* in our soap. As we are patiently waiting for our tea tree to grow and developing new products, we promise you that we will remain as true to nature as our name suggests. Thank you for reading our story and buying our products.

Our products

We are super proud of our flagship product, our artistically crafted hand-made soaps. As said in Our Story, the only so-called non-organic ingredient is the lye that we use but we agree with the rest of the soap-making world that there is no true soap without lye. You will agree too, once you’ve tried it!

All other products come from the heart of our rich, red, Freestate soil and is as pure as Nature herself. As we use NO preservatives, we recommend that our products are used within a three month framework from the date of purchase. From our hands to yours, we wish to transfer our love of Nature and her healing powers through our pure organic products.

It’s all about the People

The people who work at Sooth share the vision and values of our agricultural honoring community and orientation towards family values and relationships. By investing in us, you honor our job creating culture and our vision of local development. Sooth is more than a product line, it’s a legacy.